Chocolate Addiction

Very many people describe themselves as chocoholics, and they tend to think this is slightly humorous, but in fact this is a real addiction. Like all addictions, it can be connected with a range of psychological issues, but for our purposes we focus on the actual physical addiction itself, because helping you to control that is going to help you to take control of your weight generally, as well as helping you to gain more self-esteem.

A major reason, by the way, why eating chocolate is such an important factor in obesity is not simply that it is fattening in itself but because of what binging on sugar does. Eating chocolate raises your blood sugar, and this in turn causes your blood sugar to drop subsequently, and that makes you want more sugar. Chocolate binging maintains this cycle of overeating and weight gain, whereas breaking the addiction to this one substance can break that cycle, and so without even necessarily dieting you will lose weight.

Chocolate addiction is, you might be surprised to learn, actually three separate addictions to the ingredients in, say, a chocolate bar. This is why we will test you for all three so that when we put you on your Chocolate Factor drops (which some people like to call chocolate drops!) each drop will instantly satisfy your desire for chocolate.