Alcoholic Substances we can provide a Factor for


This list is tentative, and as we grow it is likely to grow with us. These are the standard substances each Centre will be able to help with, but if you have an addiction to any particular drink not on this list we may well be able to provide a Factor for it especially for you, so do please ask.

Although it is uncommon, some people are addicted to just one brand of any given alcoholic drink. If you know you are addicted to a particular brand (because you NEVER drink anything else) please inform us when you make your booking, and we will create a Factor for that brand for you. There is no extra charge for this.


Red wine
White wine
Rose wine
Port wine

Beers & Ciders

Ale / IPA
Stout (eg. Guinness)
Apple cider


Scotch whisky
Irish whiskey
Bourbon whiskey
Brandy / cognac