How Addiction Management Works

The Simple Explanation

What we do in Addiction Management is apply a very-well known remedy for hangovers to stop you needing to keep drinking, called the hair of the dog. In non-scientific terms, what this means is that when you are hung over you are in fact in withdrawal, and by taking just a very small drink you can temporarily halt the withdrawal. And ‘very small’ is the key. You don’t need to keep drinking, you just need to tell your body that alcohol is present. By precisely measuring the amount of alcohol your body needs to stop needing a real drink (and this is individual to you), we can suppress the need or desire to drink. Now here’s a slightly more medical explanation:

The Slightly More Medical Explanation

Every addictive substance provokes an immune response when you first ingest or inhale it, because the immune system is responsible for deciding whether what you are taking is good or bad. It might surprise you to learn that you can only become addicted to substances that are bad, or contain bad elements.

This immune response is the key to managing addiction. The process by which addiction happens is called adaptation. By analysing your immune system’s specific adaptation to any given substance, we can reverse the adaptation and therefore bring the addiction under your control.

We do this by taking the substance you are adapted to and breaking it down into its component parts. This enables your immune system to find those very specific parts, or Factors as we call them, that control the adaptation. And just as your body used those Factors to become addicted it also uses them to control the addictive craving– PROVIDING THEY ARE SEPARATED FROM EVERY OTHER COMPONENT OF THE ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE.

And so the key to Addiction Management is finding which components of the substance you are addicted to your body uses to satisfy the craving. We can test you for this information, and the result of the test will enable us to extract just that part and create mouthdrops from it, so that you can satisfy your craving with just that Factor.

What this means in practical terms is that instead, say, of drinking a whole bottle of wine you need only take a single drop of your personal Positive Factor in that wine to feel satisfied. Instead of eating a whole bar of chocolate, because you can’t stop, you need only take a drop of your personal Chocolate Factor to feel completely satisfied. The system works equally well no matter what you are addicted to. We can extract the Positive Factor in every known addictive substance, and therefore we can provide Addiction Management no matter what you are addicted to.

Please note that technically you will still be addicted, but you just won’t need anything like the same amount of the substance to satisfy the craving, thus hugely reducing the damage that substance has previously caused. Most clients will reduce the amount they consume by somewhere between 50% and 90%. That is what Addiction Management is. If, though, you want to break the addiction completely (which applies typically to smokers), then all you need to do is keep taking your Positive Factor until you no longer crave at all. How long you will need to do this is very variable, but for most clients it is no more than a few weeks.