What Addiction Management is (and what it isn’t)


Addiction means many things to many people, but as a medical foundation we are concerned only with the facts. These are that:

Addiction is always, without exception, physiological. This means that you can be addicted only to physical things, like food, alcohol or tobacco, as opposed to psychological issues like gambling (which is properly called psychological dependence, not addiction).

Because addiction is physiological in its cause, we can and do use a physiological tool to control it. For this reason we do not, in our Addiction Management Centres, provide psychological tools (which is why we do not claim AM is a ‘cure’ for alcoholism, for example). Those are for other professionals to use. We provide a physiological tool that controls addiction. That is all. Having said that, this tool is extremely effective.

No matter how many different tools there might be to control addiction, we use just one, the one the late Dr Mackarness developed. It is simple, and it is always effective. It does not involve pharmaceutical drugs, but instead uses the addictive substance itself (whatever that is) to overcome your body’s need for that substance.

Read how it works here.

We can provide Addiction Management for any known addictive substance. However, please note that the Foundation does not, at this stage, offer Addiction Management either for recreational / illegal drugs or prescription medication. A note about the video here: Robert Brynin describes testing for your Positive Factor by injection. Please note that currently we are NOT using the injection method, so there are no needles involved.

About the Foundation


The Foundation has been launched to make available to the public the revolutionary techniques developed by the late Dr Richard Mackarness, for the NHS here in the UK and the State of Victoria Health Commission in Australia. Dr Mackarness did groundbreaking work in addiction, which was lost when he died, but which has now been re-discovered and further developed.

This website gives some idea of what is coming to the UK in the course of 2017-18, during which our partner businesses will be opening more than fifty Addiction Management Centres throughout the country, offering this very important help for everyone who knows they are drinking, eating or smoking too much.

Following the UK-wide launch, we hope to offer the service throughout Europe, then in the United States and Canada. We welcome approaches from suitable partner organisations in each country, even at this early stage. Please email us from the Contact page.

Some Background

The primary function of pharmaceutical companies is to produce profit for shareholders. Because of this, therapies that cannot be sold profitably, or even patented, can get ignored. Addiction Management is one of those therapies.

Dr Mackarness believed that the profit motive, although quite understandable, is not necessarily compatible with the health of the nation, and the Foundation named for him is based on this ethic. This is why we have committed to making sure that this help is made available to as many people as possible, for one reason only. Because it is needed.

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